Download the current project in open the solution in VisualStudio 2008 and if not configured, select the project Paulovich.Data.Generator as "StartUpProject" of the solution. The VisualStudio will be bold the name of project in your Solution Explorer.

Now edit the App.config:

<add name="dbPortal" connectionstring="your connection string here" 

Then, press F5 and run the application we create classes!

When the application starts, click the yellow folder at the top left. Then you will see the tables of the bank that you configured in App.config. Select the tables you want to map to classes and click "Generate".

Now just copy the classes to your project. Enjoy!

Remember that your classes are generated with the name standards that are being used in your database. To understand how to edit your classes without losing its features read this article (in portuguese, that will be translated)

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